Love: The All-Inclusive Thing of Everything

We begin with a nonexclusive definition of “thing”: A thing is anything whatsoever (including that which normally is not considered to be a thing, such as a person or process).

We call the thing that includes everything the Thing of Everything. When the many things are recognized as aspects of the one Thing, we may relax into the awareness that we, too, through and through, are not apart from That. That’s simplicity itself. It’s simply lovable, and we ourselves are Love.

“How so? It doesn’t seem that way to me,” you might think. The seeming is not the reality, but in our dreaming this seeming reality we can practice loving by acts of kindness and generosity. A sweet smile is a kind gift that benefits both giver and recipient, giving both a taste of love. As our little tastes of love grow from now and then, here and there, to more and more here and now, moment to moment, we come to find ourselves bathing in ambrosial Love.

“Love is the only language that every living being can understand. It is universal.” — Amma

Amma’s Ma Om Meditation:!ammas-ma-om-meditation/ck59

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