The Thing of Everything

For greater clarity, I’ve slightly expanded my “Thing Theory.”
(It’s now fifty words!) 🙂
I’ve also given it a new title:

The Thing of Everything

Anything is many things*.

Each and every thing — everything — is something else,
so nothing is anything exclusively.

Including everything is the Thing of Everything.

* The scope of “things” is all-inclusive, including all words and all meanings, all thoughts and all theories, from philosophy to physics, from politics to spirituality.

~ Tom

One thought on “The Thing of Everything

  1. Tom Yeshe

    "There is only One Thing happening, not some things that are good and others that are bad. This Thing includes fragrant ecosystems, fresh and unsullied in wilderness areas on spring mornings, and it includes urban industrial megagrid, ghettos and famine zones, materialistic greed, the extinction of wild animal species, and the slavery and torture of "domesticated" ones. Life and death. Even television."Everything we love will die, and everything we hate will live, and vice versa, and we will never be rid of such problems. Death is sacred activity. What is happening on this planet today is the sacred activity of life and death, which we sometimes call evolution–Edward Abbey, Earth First!, and the Sierra Club notwithstanding. It is perfect as it stands, flawless, without blemish. But, as Suzuki Roshi said, there is always room for improvement too."— Excerpted from John McClellan, "Nondual Ecology": equate the One Thing with my Thing of Everything.


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