Dear Dr. Veda,

The gentleman known as Om suggests that the following documents will assist in understanding his history. He claims to be the author of this poem:

The Yoni and the Lingam

If I could take a place among the stars
That twinkle bright within Life’s ancient mind,
I’d shine with love upon the near and far
And teach the dark, the light to seek and find.
Yet still I dream of sex so sweet and strong,
Then think of how my body’s growing old,
And though my prick will harden and grow long,
My lust is short, my passion soon grows cold,
Thus keeping from some spirit’s sacred shrine
My bony pimpled farting foul-breathed form.
The Yoni and the Lingam so divine
Have union ever tender, pure and warm:
With Them in mind I pray with pen in hand,
Affirming stars do shine and Lingams stand.

Yours truly,


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